Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August already

Sam turned 6 months yesterday! We haven't celebrated just yet but we get to go to his appointment tomorrow. 
After nearly a month of full time mommy, I went back to work for a few days to help out a coworker. Just those few days left me so thankful for the time I get to spend at home. It's still busy, and we're working on figuring out routines and habits and life, but it's been good. I can't believe how quickly the days have been flying by! We just had a good Bible study that went over laziness and how whatever we are doing, we are to be doing it heartily for the Lord. Today I've spent some time really thinking about what that will look like now that my role has changed. I don't want to judge my days based on how many things I fit in, the state of my house, how many naps were successful, but I want to challenge myself find time for prayer and quiet time, to share God's love with Sam, to share my time and resources with others, be a good wife and mom, get some inspiration from Proverbs 31 in that I share my talents with my family... well that's a start :)