Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's been a weekend full of simple joys. Playdate, local festival, grilling, late church, movies, long phone calls, a big salad, a run, and time with my guys. J is back at work today and it's just me, Sam and the boys. And, I kind of love it. The older Sam gets, the more I'm so thankful for the time I've had at home.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So recently, I've been asking myself how I can get balanced with my new roles.  In light of those questions - these two posts are great:

I recommend reading them both (the first recommends the second). It's a good reminder that we don't always have everything together and the best way to try is to be obedient. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013



Sam and I made it to church today! We were a little late, but Sam got to be in the nursery (with two of his friends I found out later - so cool), and I got to sit with friends. The sermon was a good reminder of how we are supposed to be full on God so that we can serve others. 
I've spent the weekend mulling over ways to parent Sam in the future - how do I handle the hard stuff? While I know J and I have plenty of time to work out our explanations and whatnot, I know I really want to start working on  being a living example for Sam. Good and healthy habits, kind to others, and walk humbly with my God. On that note.. yoga this afternoon!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family day

Today is the start of our weekend. By that, I mean the start of the two days that J has off this week. So far we've taken it easy, eaten meals together, and enjoying being family of 3 with 2 dogs.
We are finally getting bushes put in front of our house, and Sam started playing with his hair. Totally adorable. I've been filling days with music and sunny walks and book pages.
I feel like I've been in a little bit of a weird place lately. While I'm thrilled to be a mom and a wife, learning what responsibilities I have, what interests I want to have, how to meet others' needs - essentially how to regain balance, I feel like I lose myself every now and then. I'm working on putting God back on top - then everything can fall in its place. Life is good :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Date day

We're going on date! We'll be going to a matinee movie while my parents watch Sam. We're praying everyone enjoys it :)

*update: Sam enjoyed playing at his grandparents! After some crying, he really enjoyed Wheels on the Bus with Meme, amongst other things. J and I relished some time together, even though the movie was not as great as we were hoping (the book is always better). 
We also dropped Sam off in the nursery for the Sunday service and it made church feel like a date! We are so thankful for the wonderful people in his life.