Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Future Friends,

I confess, I'm shy. And I'm a bit of a loner. But I can see and feel the importance of sharing, of loving, and of having relationships. It's interesting to me the little things that can instantly connect people. Both being outsiders, or both irritated at the same situation. Both having puppies, or newborns. It's amazing to me how many random conversations I get into now that I have Sully to walk. And after a friend a work became pregnant, I would talk to random pregnant women, just because that connection reminded me of my friend. And she now gets talked to a lot by new mothers.
I confess, I'm not a good conversationalist. While I'm not necessarily easily embarrassed, something bars me from asking the free following questions in my mind. Bear with me, I want to know, and I occasionally observe the questions that my friendly roommate and my mother ask others. Basically, I'm working on it :) So maybe you'll be an old friend become new. Or maybe I'll meet you in an awkward situation, like in the elevator or the bathroom where I have most of my "nice to meet you" conversations, or maybe our mutual friend hasn't introduced us yet, but just know, I'm excited..



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