Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's been going on?

So a common question for me to asked these days, and understandably so, is how the wedding planning is going. And honestly, quite slowly. Mostly I just look through wedding blogs. Watching a bunch of little videos by capture studios has kept me in the wedding mood too. I think I've really started to tackle things just one at a time. I know I'm naturally more of a beginner/multi-tasker, so by focusing, I'm making sure things actually get completed. So we have the places, the date, the officiant, the bridal party, the dress, the colors, and that might be about it. But the photographer (hopefully!) is going to met next week, and we're working on catering meetings. I think I'm comfortable with it, although I occasionally look at the stupid long suggested lists for planning and get a little overwhelmed. I'm collecting ideas, but not narrowing down too much, and feel a little nervous for those narrowing down days. I'm confident the day will be beautiful, and I can hardly wait for the life afterward :)

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