Thursday, January 10, 2013



So I feel fortunate - I have one of those situations where I can decide about work after my maternity leave. I feel like I have no idea what I'll want to do. I know some moms do great staying at home, some balance working well, and others don't feel normal without going back to work at some capacity. With my due date being only 20 days away, we've been transitioning some of the things I do to co-workers. So some of my projects right now are things that are more like busy work that we just do if we have time, and are okay if I leave abruptly. To inspire me to get through them, I've been listening to playlists J put on my phone for me. One has a bunch of songs that I listened to in college, and another is the music we put together for our wedding reception. Both are super fun to me!
On a tangent, J has been on Ultimate Frisbee teams that put together songs that inspire their team mates. Really, each person picks a "pump up song". It's fun to see what does it for others. I've run to both of these playlists before, and some help me coast and some really do have me picking up the pace. Probably the most random one (that is pump up song for at least one of my brothers too), is Annie Lennox's Walking on Broken Glass. I've always loved that song! 
So, basically, music and how it affects those that listen to it is so cool! I'm really thankful for the memories that come with songs, for the availability of Christian radio, and the expression of it all.

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