Wednesday, August 18, 2010

25 things I'd like to do before I turn 25

So my birthday was on Sunday, and I'd like to knock some things off my realistic bucket list before the following year. Here it goes!
1. Bake a roughly perfect (apple) pie.
2. Complete a half marathon.
3. Learn to play the Pachelbel Cannon.
4. Sing karaoke (with the girls).
5. Take an interior design course.
6. Pursue two volunteering opportunities.
7. Write a short story I'm not ashamed to share.
8. Develop a filing system.
9. Plant a vegetable garden.
10. Go on a ghost tour.
11. Learn to cook with a crockpot.
12. Reread all the Harry Potters.
13. Teach Sully to roll over.
14. Make someone else's dream come true.
15. Try hot yoga.
16. Use my fondue kit.
17. Visit a major city.
18. Learn to paint (a picture or a room.. or both).
19. Find the globe that will live in my future house.
20. Learn the art of up-dos. (know how to do a messy and a neat one)
21. Take and turn pictures black and white for my future coffee table.
22. Make a chores list and (mostly) follow it.
23. Develop a strength workout routine.
24. Find a perfect red lipstick.
25. Get further committed to my ff!

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