Saturday, October 16, 2010


I don't do very well with miscommunication. I think more often than not, I'd prefer there to a little too much said than the silences that often speak into the questioning thoughts. It causes wondering and doubt. While I think there is an art to communication, to saying things without attacking, to saying things to clear the air, and to keeping things light when silence would make them heavy. I occasionally talk about issues before they become issues. As much as I like cleared air, I sometimes find myself responding to others' "poor" communication with poor communication myself. Maybe someone doesn't return my call, and in return, I don't answer their "too late" call. Or don't talk to them the next time I see them in person. And I realize how ridiculous I am, yet wish I wasn't; and how complicated the relationships in our lives can be. Crazy.  

*So the issue that prompted this entry has been resolved, but I'm left grateful for forgiveness and patience, as well as a Father who can help renew our mind daily. 

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