Tuesday, July 10, 2012





1. Dinner with couples. J and I don't get to do that too often.
2. I sent J a free Disney call of encouragement from Mickey. Kinda silly, but it made me (and I think him) smile. 
3. My bridesmaid dress for Annie's wedding fits. It's a very medium purple :)
4. Another Sunday with church together. 
5. Helping a friend clean up her nursery for her little boy coming in less than a month!
6. Wanting breakfast for dinner, walking to Barry's but finding out it was an early close night, going to the grocery store instead, and J making my dream of Mickey pancakes come true :) 
7. Walk with a visiting friend and loaning her my veil. Something about sharing a "vital" part of my wedding day feels really special to me. 
8. Waking up early to drop J off at work (his car is in the shop). I got this flash of wondering if this is a little what it's like to drop kids off at school - then come home and start my day.  

Life is full of all sorts of things, and I'm hanging on to those moments :) 

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