Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Mom Moments

Today we got a Ergo baby carrier. It's one of the kinds that have a strap that goes around your hips to better distribute the baby's weight. We found a red one half off and ordered it so we can carry Sam on our back (particularly for our Denver trip in October). Not only am I excited about that, but it was fun that Sam and I were already outside when the package came. Taking advantage of the fall-ish weather and trying to keep quiet so J can sleep (he's on night shifts), I set up a picnic blanket for Sam with toys while I moved around some of Liriope in our front yard patch. 
Once we got our package, I broke into it, and actually read some of the manual (I'm not good with directions usually), and let Sam play with box. It provided nearly an hour of entertainment for Sam, and I had about twenty neighbors drive or walk by, many smiling at Sam and waving.

Another mom moment from today - Sam and I were hanging out on the guest bed next to his room. We've gotten in the habit of reading to him in there if he's not sleepy enough to drop off into lala land for a nap (I mean, he cries for a while first). After a short chapter of my book and watching Sam kick a pillow repeatedly, I sit him up and hello - tons of spit up (which he doesn't do much of these days). It's running down the front of his onesie and dripping from his chin, and I get a great idea - I'll set him up against a pillow and grab a burp cloth really really fast from his room next door. I come back to a face down Sam (He reached for Dash), and now the spit up is all over the duvet in addition to the onesie and his face. Face palm. I see laundry in our future :)

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