Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

Well, so it's a month and a half since my last post. In my attempts to figure out balance and life as a stay at home mom, apparently blogging is one of the things that have fallen to the wayside. It's one of those things I aspire to do, but then when naptime comes, I totally forget about it. So, sorry. 
Sam is doing great, and loves to play on his own, but also loves attention and being held. He's moving around a bit, but mostly I stay nearby so when he gets frustrated with being on his belly or some awkward position, I can straighten him up. He's taking 2 to 3 naps, and while at first I get excited when he goes down, I miss him a lot. It's a kinda weird feeling. I clean some, I read books, and we like to visit others or run errands. The days always seem to go by quickly. It's a little different having J's work schedule being all over the place. Because of my desire for us to be able to hang out or do whatever with him when he's off, I haven't gotten a real schedule during the week (like grocery or library day). Usually I'm fine with that, but some days I crave the structure and routines. That's a lot of what's been going on :) We have our inside jokes and we laugh at Sam and the dogs daily (again, we aspire to getting some of these stories up on a blog). 

Our goal in September has been to having a visitor over a for dinner once a week (schedule permitting). I love the idea of making sure we nurture friendships, get in the habit for Sam as he grows, and having more witnesses to inspire me to clean. We've been doing pretty well :)

We had our 2 year anniversary last Tuesday. After some fancy egg in toasts for breakfast and some gifts for J, he let me go on a little shopping spree to pick out something to wear for our date that day. We got candy and popcorn to go to a secluded afternoon movie while my mom was kind enough to watch Sam (he loves his Mimi) and later on we cuddled and ate pizza. That's how I remember it at least. Marriage is different with a baby, but we're so happy.

Sunday related - our pastors went over Mark 13 today. What a confusing chapter for the modern readers! A lot of it is written in Jewish phrases that are tough for us to get. It was interesting. 

Okay, hopefully I'll get more regular with posting! It's always been a great creative outlet. (For Sam updates, check out JK and Company, Joey updated it recently - we'll get better :) )

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