Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday

As dusk gathers, and day draws its curtain
Sleep drapes its spell over all the lands
Sapphire seas still ripple the wind
Welcoming twilight with open hands.

It is in the depth of night
That the heart is released from its cage,
Into the elusiveness, reveal its fight
Reality, here, is not the stage.

Bejeweled stars line the walkway
Up which my dreams will waltz.
To my own tune do I get to sway;
In the darkness there are no faults.

With each new spin I see a wish come true,
In this starry scene I am a belle
Moonlight is my gown of lustrous hue
My feet will carry me where few can tell.

My castle draws near when dawn calls me back
And the flush of sunrise splatters.
My journey must be delayed
Until the next time dusk gathers.

After seeing this photography by Lissy Elle, I was inspired to share a poem!

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