Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Add to the wishlist..

Mmmm, a globe in my house someday. Globes and world maps inspire me. They serve as both a great reminder of the vastness and variety of our world and as a bit of romantic symbol of all there is to explore. I like the vintagey ones that have a bit of old world feel to them.

A roommate in college got me to take cultural anthropology. It was great learning more about seeing things from others' perspectives. By far my favorite book from that class was The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman (found here). It involves the clash of two cultural views, mostly regarding the health care field. I might have been slightly more interested in it with my volunteering at a hospital, but I think it would be an interesting non-fiction read for anyone!

Also, in my future house, I would love there to be this little mirrored filing cabinet. I'm not totally certain why, but mirrored things apparently catch my eye, and what better place for relatively boring details to be than somewhere fun!

No qualms here about blending the old with the flashy.

Sidenote: Oh and I had been craving Lucky Charms for while - but I'm satisfied now :) I'm not sure I've ever eaten so much cereal in 12 hours in my life.
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  1. Maaaaaan, where was the liking of lucky charms earlier? So much better then honey nut cheerios!! =P Also, old world globes/maps are baller.