Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Art of Taking it Easy

I took a little stress style quiz today. I was mostly a "reflexive reactor" but with a bit of "perma-worrier." Basically I mostly act before I think, but dwell on occasion. Perma-worriers keep themselves in a high state of stress, and often feel unnatural relaxing. The second made me think of my multi-tasking tendencies. Recently they've been kicked into high gear, and I find myself trying to pull off 20-hour days. My few moments throughout the day of focusing on just one thing is the time I spend with J. I try to mix work and play throughout my day (literally at the same time) and I'm feeling like I'm reaching that point where I desperately need to give my plans to the Lord more and focus on little things - but one at a time. I'll start with sleep :) Taking care of the body and routines keep one ready for life with a positive attitude. I am so in love with life and filling it each day - sometimes I just forget to stop and let my physical and mental selves stay on the same page.

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