Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boone Weekend

Happy Weekend to all! Headed to Boone to visit my brother. Super excited about a road trip with my guy :)

I'm looking into getting a bike. Thinking a hybrid.


Fun thing to do: Me A-Z

a. area code: 919

b. bed size: Queen - loving my pillow top
c. chore you hate: I'm not sure I'm experienced enough to apply "hate".
d. dog's name: Sully (Sullivan)
e. essential "start of the day" item: I love mornings. Most of mine start with a dog walk, big breakfast, scripture reading and a hot shower.
f. favorite color: currently love red and aqua together.
g. gold or silver: both, actually :) sometimes together.
h. height: between 5'5" and 5'6" flat footed...up to 5'10" in heels
i. instruments you play: some flute, some piano. sometimes sing.
j. job: managing assistant - the second "gap-filler". My boss and I are 411 for the company.
k. kids: basically Sully. delightful yet trouble.
l. living arrangements: Rent an apartment with a friend from high school. She's great.
m. mom's name: Sally.
n. nickname: KLo, KristiLiz, Lowther, etc.
o. overnight hospital stay: when I was born.
p. pet peeve: Particular of where some things go. And people who one-up too much.
q. quote from movie: "What?! Parents can't do that all in one night. And what about Santa's cookies?? I suppose parents eat those too??"
r. righty or lefty: righty - but I have a fondness for some lefties :)
s. siblings: 1 sister (oldest), and 2 brothers - one older, one younger
t. time you wake up: Roughly 7:00AM. Depends on when my little imp of a dog starts wanting to go out/if I got back to bed. 6:30 - 8:30 window.
u. underwear: almost always.VS and aerie boyshorts mostly. Mostly bright and fun!
v. vegetables you dislike: Working on being okay with olives.
w. ways or reasons you are late: Well for a long time I would leave at the time I was supposed to arrive somewhere. Typically I try to use up every available minute. Now my leave work time is flexible, and sometimes I'm needed until late. Or bc I'm multitasking too much. Like trying to put on makeup, brush my teeth, put on nail polish, chat on the phone, and drive. (side note - 6 years of clean driving record). Or Sully won't be a dragon. That makes me late.
x. x-rays: CAT scan of my head and MRI of my right knee.
y. yummy food you make:
that I actually make? Spinach Pie (crustless quiche), Apple pie. I'm learning still!
z. zoo animals you like: I've always loved the lions and the penguins.

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