Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reflection - a book passage coming back to me

You know, I can't remember what book it was now, but I believe it was in a book, and the wife was explaining to a friend that to her, the point of marriage is to be a witness. To be the person that is told whether you slept in 4 minutes, or chose turkey over pb and j. Because the little things add up. How the little things are chosen eventually adds up to who a person is. I found some truth in the witness idea. Sometimes I just want to share that I just got a paper cut, again, or that today's coffee was so much better than yesterday's. Or that I walked away from buying a pair of shoes. And sometimes, those little details feel so silly to share, especially if the person isn't already accustomed to hearing them. However, I don't want to fully rely on having a person there to share that I chose the red mug today. I want to be fully satisfied with God knowing. I don't have to tell anyone else that I completed a crossword today. It can stay between Him and I. And I'm happy with that. I might mumble or stutter sometimes, but He understands me. Pretty much incredible. But seriously, I really do want to be told those little things. I want to know what you did while you were waiting for me, and whether you prefer Nutella on an English muffin or toast. Did you get gas for your car today? Did you learn something new? Did God touch your heart? Thanks for being a part of my life :)

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  1. I'm sure my hubby wishes I wouldn't share every detail of my day with him!! ;-) But I think it's fun to tell each other what you did during your day, even the small things that don't seem very important. Everything you do is part of who you are, and that's worth sharing :-)

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