Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I got my first migraine in a while yesterday. Complete with an aura. I've been sipping Diet Dr. Pepper and munching on saltines and applesauce for most of the last 24 hours. I watched the Bachlorette at a low volume, quite a treat, and sported my sleep mask around the house, neighborhood, and a grocery store. I think right now, more than getting through these three days and maintaining a certain level of productivity at work, I'm concerned with why?? I got my first migraine in high school, during soccer practice. I was concerned when I suddenly and increasing lost my peripheral vision in one eye. I would routinely get migraines that year and through the beginning of college, mostly without auras, until it finally stopped. I know migraines can be triggered by hormones, stress, or certain foods, but I don't really feel as though any of those should have played a big role in this one. My current theory is a strenuous workout. On Sunday, I got the opportunity to participate in a super speed Triathlon, completely 10 lengths of a pool, just over 6 miles biking, and 1.5 miles running. I kinda went into the event without much training, and with a borrowed bike from my generous sister in law, but had a lot of fun and really tried to push myself to feel tired at the end. Maybe if I have any other sort of event come up, I'll be a bit better prepared!

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