Friday, May 6, 2011

Make sparks fly

"The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May."
~ edwin may teale

  things on my mind in the car this morning:

- my dad and i talked about the new jars of clay music that he's been listening to. as i listened to him talk about one song in particular, and what he liked about it, i thought about how cool it can be to see someone else's interests from their perspective. i've learned to appreciate so many things simply from have a friend really enjoy it. things seem so much more interesting when you're learning them through someone's passion. when i came out to my car to find a couple the e.p.s we had been talking about, i could help but smile with tears of emotion in my eyes.
- on the same line of thinking, i'm excited to study my fiance for life. he's just different enough from me that i'll always be able to learn from him, and just similar enough that we can enjoy being on the same page, laughing at the same things, and spend quality time. 
- i talked with my sister last night for a while about her job. i was definitely left with my mind thinking about how to show Christ's love in different situations. how to show grace without enabling, how to show acceptance without sacrificing holiness, how to love unconditionally, as well as how to forgive and not treat a person differently for their past behavior, how to put yourself aside and listen for the little voice of the Holy Spirit.
- when i focus on a prayer request list, it makes "continuous prayer" seem more possible. 

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