Friday, March 30, 2012



Last night I was convicted. I spent a good portion of the day not overly caring about work, frustrated with girlie-time of the month, planning out a pampered night to make myself feel better - all the while being aware that I was feeling sassy/grumpy. Even on the way home, I sought out gratifying songs that suited my mood. It wasn't until I got home and read the devotional (strategically placed in the bathroom), that I realized how selfish my mood was. I was reminded that I was here to glorify God, to help my husband, to be responsible, all the while still thankful and joyful. I regained a focus, and we had a great evening and I still got opportunities to unwind. But, I feel much more aware today of what I'm doing today. 

It's Friday! Hubby is going to VA to play Ultimate, and so I have my list of projects, and friend to distract :), and our pups to play with. I think it'll go fast but be nice! I'm thankful for 195 days of marriage :)

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