Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silver lining


Since before we started dating, my husband worked a swing schedule, and we see pros and cons of it. I guess I've grown used to it, and focus on the silver linings. After getting married, I had the opportunity to switch from being the late schedule person to the early schedule person. It was a bit of an adjustment, but I enjoyed having little afternoon traffic, plenty of time to hang with the dogs, maybe cook dinner or just being with my husband if his schedule allowed. This week, my coworker and I have started sharing the shifts, switching off. I'll come in early Tuesday and Friday, and be the late person the other days. (Now that I know what we're doing, I can handle it better than just knowing something needed to change- silly unknown). Yesterday and this morning, I've really tried to appreciate this new change.:
1) I had extra time to do my hair and to run an errand yesterday. 
2) Today I took the boys on a longer walk, and got to enjoy coffee and finish a book.
3) On Monday, my later at-home time encouraged hubby to make dinner - awesome homemade pasta sauce (kinda like his dad's) and salad and garlic bread. 

I think that switching will help me appreciate the benefits of each shift, and hopefully overlook some of the frustrations each bring.

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