Monday, June 18, 2012

9 months

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”
 ― David Viscott

We have now been married for 9 months and a day (275 days).  J has a lot of weekends off in June and July and I am thrilled to spend them with him.
Yesterday we learned a little bit about dog training. One of our neighbors is actually the Raleigh Dog Trainer, and we learned about dog body language, nutrition, and largely how to keep dogs (Dash) calm on walks. Dash gets really amped up when he sees other dogs or even people when we are walking. By the end of our session, Dash was able to walk next to a stranger dog. I'm looking forward to keeping our neighborhood a little quieter (aka, no Dash barks)!


  1. congrats on 9 months!

    how the heck did you get dash to do that?!?!?! mailey is pretty good but omar goes crazy.

    1. The trainer said Dash was reacting out of distrust and also wanted to play but didn't know how to ask. It honestly took like 20-30 minutes of the dog trainer showing us how to get Dash closer. If he stiffened or barked, we'd circle him, then try to get closer. We'd let him go to the end of the leash, then tug on the leash a little to come back to us. I think part of Dash being able to walk next to the stranger dog later was he was pooped from all the cirlces :) Hope Omar gets better!