Monday, November 5, 2012



This year seems to be flying by. This weekend I got some much needed quiet time after a long week. I also got in some good girl time, organized portions of the house, and managed to ruin my car cd changer. All in all, a good weekend.  Now I'm starting to feel the need to cross off more of the "before baby boy comes" list (I'll have to check out other blogs for advice :) ), and get ready to enjoy the holiday season, with fun activities and shopping and cool weather. Regardless, reflecting on what month is, all the health that I know of, all the silver linings, thinking about how much people further up north are going through, I can't help but feel extremely grateful. I know life is more than just homes, jobs, every day details - all of which I'm thankful for; and I'm so thankful to know our Savior and have purpose through Him :)

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