Thursday, November 1, 2012



Less importantly, work is probably slowly killing me :) 

Today, realizing it's already November, I tried to more fully grasp all the awesome changes that are coming up. In a few short months:
- Thanksgiving and Christmas
- I'm going to become a mom
- I'm going to see my younger brother get married and have another sister in law
- I'm going to become an aunt. Twice. 

That's amazing!! I tear up a little thinking about any one of these, and when I think about them all together - seriously so close together, it's mind blowing. And on the tail end of Christmas :) God is so good and my heart is so full. Praying for my future sister in law and she's traveling to Scotland for 6 weeks, my brother for while she's gone, our growing son, and my two future nephew(s) or niece(s) [one of which will be better defined on Monday!].

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