Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prayer from the Heart


Dear Lord,

Draw me close to you. Let me never settle for this world's way, but walk the life you intended for me. Help me always run to you, when I run. Let me never forget that I'm freer to be me in your arms, than I have ever been anywhere else. Remind me always to give my burdens and my anxieties fully to you, to receive your peace in their place. Let me keep my eyes on you, not on the service, not on others, not on my own feelings and actions, so that you can guide my footsteps. When I fail, provide me the desire and the ways to repent completely, and turn back to you. I will never be able to fully grasp your fathomless love, and thank you for that. 

in Jesus' name,

1 comment:

  1. Very good prayer. :) Is that you in the picture? It totally could be if not.