Tuesday, March 15, 2011



I love overcast days. Don't get me wrong, sunny days are beautiful. There's something about overcast days that feel reflective and perhaps mysterious to me. They tend to prompt more thought. After hearing about several bad days yesterday and watching the Bachelor with my mom (we know it's unrealistic, but it's interesting to analyze!), and talking about relationships, etc. I really do wonder about what's ideal. What actually makes people happy, what do I actually want my life to be like. I would probably be busy, but not actually work, but what would I be doing? How is it that one relationship works when another one doesn't? How do we get better at communication? In some ways I'm glad there aren't clear cut answers, it makes it more interesting, but ultimately, I guess I can only trust that making your relationship with God first will help set the others in their right place. That His will is good, acceptable, and perfect, and that our treasures should be stored up in Heaven.

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