Friday, March 4, 2011


So I'm a thinker, I make lists of lists in my head. I forget things, they resurface. My thoughts swirl. I think about places I want to go, about work things that need to get done, whether I'll ever be friends with my new manager..
I think about wedding things, about whether my timeline and my budget are correct, about not forgetting details when it comes the detail planning part, about finding bridesmaids dresses that aren't too expensive, about finding out where the honeymoon will be, about planning out a fun but true to us engagement session, about making the process fun and making sure I let others be a part of it. 
I also think about not thinking about the wedding, about getting books read so I can transport them from my bookshelf to my future bookshelf, about things I want to learn like cooking and yoga, about things I need to get done, like taxes, about making time for hang out time and for dates and for being friendships, and I think about trying to get my hair to grow long like Olivia's,and planning to make sure it doesn't get too dry as summer comes, about using up nail polishes while also enjoying having them. I think about new outfits I'd like to try, about how to remember them. I think about getting another puppy and whether I'm forcing the idea on my fiance, and whether in general I'm too pushy, or too wishy-washy. Oh, and are any holidays coming up? Then I think about not thinking about things directly related to myself, and pray for others, and thinking about how I should really have a better organization of writing them down.. etc. I could go on. The point is, my mind is like never quiet. I love being a multi-tasker, but I see the value in being quiet. I just suck at doing it. I went on a long run on Wednesday night, and ran too far for my hip, simply because it was the first time my mind had been quiet for weeks. I want to enjoy the processes (reading, work, wedding, engagement, etc.) by including time being quiet and trusting.  Productivity, pleasant attitude, and pure fun!

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