Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back from the South

What a great trip we had! We ate as some great restaurants - Soho, Firefly Cafe, Churchill's Pub, Zunzi's, The Pirate House, B&D Burgers, Leopold's Ice Cream, Girabaldi's, Sixpence Pub... and got to go on a Trolley tour, a few museums/old houses, Forsyth Park, a Ferry, and we shopped at some fun places too. We (not really me) took a lot of pictures - particularly of the fancy iron work they have. I would love to go back to Savannah some day :) Most of all I loved visiting with my family and my aunts. It was great to see them and I feel really honored that everyone traveled to help me celebrate! 


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  1. yay! glad you had a good trip! i'm curious how B&D Burgers was. made me smile b/c it makes me think of Brian and me :). looking forward to heading down there this september maybe!