Friday, June 17, 2011


I know there are cases in which a couple will think that they are more in love than any other couple has been or will be. That their romance is epic. There are so many warm fuzzies that it's hard to see. And I'm tempted to believe them. I fully believe that different people work in different relationships, and that that relationship can be just want they need. I know the one I'm in, is exactly what I need. Yay, so blessed. I'm so thrilled to be getting married, and I love knowing that our love can grow, and that it'll take a lot of giving, but that this is the dude that I will learn with. I will learn about him, about life and love, about how to treat others and how to submit more to God. I know that it's all coming, and I'm trying to enjoy the process of getting there, and of knowing all that learning process is already started. Basically, only 3 months left! Yay!

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