Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reflection - Hard

This last Sunday, at Crosspointe, I really enjoyed the basic points of the message. Basically, (paraphrasing) for our culture, hard is new impossible. When things get tough, we quit or decide there is no way this is the way that we should go, that God wouldn't let it be this hard. We mistake our mountains for walls.
Conversations and devotions these last few weeks have also touched on this subject. So I'm thinking  I need to keep my eyes open. Everyone has times in their lives that things are hard and stressful. They'll be different for everyone. I might have a few more stressors in life right now that I did, but I want to keep praying, keep looking for positive role models, and try to encourage others, regardless of whether I know if they're feeling like things are hard. More of thee, less of me!



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  1. So glad the sermon touched you girl. It sounds like it really hit a lot of people, based on what friends were saying at my life group last night. I just hope it can motivate you to keep on going. :)