Wednesday, August 17, 2011



There is officially one month left until my best day ever! Literally 31 days. I'm so excited to reach that day. And yet, there's still so much I want to do. While I know I plan to be (and think I will be) completely relaxed and enjoy the day, I'm a little jumpy with my mind always busy. While I'm at work, I stress slightly about all that I need to get done at home or doing errands. While I'm doing errands, I slightly stress about wanting to spend time with my fiance or family or friends instead. When I'm with my fiance, or family, or friends, I slightly stress about whether I can multitask with them there and if that still counts as quality time. I slightly stress about trying to sleep enough so that I'm more patient, etc., yet I try to fit in as much as I can before I have to get in bed. It's so weird feeling.

 Last night in Bible Study, we talked about being content with ourselves. As in, our physical appearance, personality, abilities and character. Namely the first 3 since we can't do much about them. I've struggled more in the past, and while I know a lot of it is accepting this is who God made, it tremendously helps having a fiance (and friends and family) who surround me and accept me. When my fiance accepts me (which is literally like all the time, it's impressive) or is proud of me, it's so much easier to feel that way about myself too. Which then frees me up to focus on him and others instead :)
ANNND Happy Birthday to my lovely sister who is crossing that fantastic threshold out of her twenties and into her flirty and thriving 30s :) 

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