Friday, August 26, 2011

this is it

via Last night I went shopping with my maid of honor. It was great to shop with her - she's one of my favorite people to shop with, and I don't shop often anymore. I left in a great mood, but also reflected on the fact that my wedding is almost here. Overall, I'm excited, and I know everything will go fine, although there's still some checklists to work on. I realized something else though. I remember thinking throughout high school and college, that I'd be my best on my wedding day. By that, I mean absolutely superficially. The toned, tanned, long-haired version of myself. Know what I'm saying? It's weird to be at the point before my wedding where I kinda have to except, this is it. This is about as long as my hair is going to get. I'm not going to alter my dress anymore, so this about the size I'm going to be. Etc. It's really weird, and slightly, I don't know - confidence knocking? And then I feel weird that I'm affected by that.. cycle continues until after the wedding when I'm not a wreak anymore from trying to push myself to get everything done, be a good employee, a good friend, etc. throughout the process. Not long :) 

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  1. Very insightful, Kristin. Despite the exterior things (which I think are are beautiful and your hair is a great length), you have grown SO MUCH on the inside and that's what's so so so important on your wedding day. I'm proud of you and love you!