Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today's my birthday! I feel way more reflective about it than normal maybe? In regards to thinking about - in less than 6 months, I could be the vessel to be making someone else's birthday. That's kinda crazy. 
This morning J picked up some breakfast so I got to have a Mickey pancake, with some other breakfast goodness. I'm working today, but I had beautiful flowers to greet me, and we ordered a delicious lunch. Tonight J and I are going to my parents (because I'm reflective on what a birthday of a child means to a parent), and we're observing their grilling skills that we can apply to our own grill :) This time last year, I was less than a month from our wedding and enjoying living at home, with just Sully. Now we have our town home, we're married, we have our Dash, and a baby on the way. God is good. It's been a great year!! 

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