Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cup of Cheer

So, I'm pregnant. But my point is, stress is not good for anyone, but especially not pregger people. The coworker who kinda does the same role as me is on vacation this week and while I am thrilled for her, it's not nearly as dead at work as I was expecting. I find myself each day in a mixture of tired-enough-to-fall-asleep mood, with a bunch of spikes of energy that typically feel like "oo let's get this done!" (nesting?), with the occasional need to just not care, to keep from getting stressed. It's such an interesting feeling. 
With Christmas just a week away (yay!) I have several projects started around the house that I go around and work on for a little bit, several to-do lists typically titled (to do before.., to do after...), and I can't help but wonder what it'll be like to have my brain back :)
I guess my point is: It's a busy time for most of us. But you know? God is so good. I'm really happy in this life that He's put me. More important that staying ahead of things at work, more important to the (endless) things to do at home, more than the errands and the prepping, is growing closer to Him and in relationships. Taking time for little things (that are the big things).  I'm so thankful for my patient husband and for all the opportunities I've had lately to see people I love (of course not everyone, but still). The coffee dates, the short or long phone calls, etc. It's all so neat. What a cheerful time!

7 days to Christmas :)


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