Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Unloading

So, I'm an introvert. I love people, loving having people in my life, and now that I'm working and wedding planning, almost any free time is catching up with a friend, a conversation with my mom, or a little time with my honey. And maybe trying to get some other thing done. I guess when life gets busy, you can tell what's the most important to you, or the most important to get done, in your opinion. While I really do love seeing everyone, I've realized being an introvert and cutting out my alone time isn't always the best idea. I know some could be due to stress from business, but I really feel like cutting out that time keeps my energy lower, and therefore I'm a bit more on edge and a bit more, hmm, rollercoaster-y? Any drama at work or overload of questions from my well-intending mother and I'm instantly near tears, and feel guilty for being emotional, which doesn't help.. and then eventually I'm better again. With the work situations today, I'm having a little trouble keeping a good and grateful attitude, and not slightly stewing. I don't want that and would love prayers! I promise, friends and family, I plan to be closer to normal in about 50 days. As in, getting married in 50 days :) Counting down hasn't gotten old for me yet!


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