Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's okay

We had a really great family trip - great campfires and coffee in the morning and it was good to see people you love, especially doing things like biking and hiking. We were serenaded by rain the first night, the Virginia Creeper was so much easier than I remember as a kid!, and the woods were just about the most silent I've ever experienced. In spite of not having service, so extra missing my fiance, I really enjoyed the trip :) I  mean, I was happy to see my bed again though. This week, my boss' two wine offices were combined into one on the first floor. So I've been organizing ~1500 bottles and I actually really enjoy it. It might just be the novelty of something non-computer related or being able to listen to music, but I think it's largely being able to see productivity. They're organized by region and by white vs. red and by peak drinking years. Fun! 

Tonight, we're seeing the final Harry Potter movie. Bittersweet.

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