Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Truth about Planning (for me)

Can I be honest? I absolutely love wedding planning. It's crazy fun. I don't (always) love it while working and thinking about moving and creating a home and seeing friends and family and maybe hormonal and trying to sleep enough. But in itself, I love it. It's been so fun to collect ideas via blogs, to blend ideas and make variations, to work with my fiance and mom until it just feels right. There are so many links and emails that I've sent those two and my MOHs. Do the details matter? In my opinion yeah. God cares. It's part of making life fun and beautiful. It's why I try to express myself in what I wear and taking time to do little things that make me happy like stopping for coffee or reading a page in the bathroom. I actually do that, which I realize is a little odd and I can't imagine what my coworkers think watching me walk around with a book under my elbow, but it really does make me happy and refreshes my thoughts. Anyways. I love knowing that on this day I'll be united with the one I love, that I get to spend it with people I care about and want to witness it and be a part of our lives, and that throughout the day - the ceremony and fellowship of it all will be glorifying God, as well as the planning process (I hope). Part of me wishes I shared more of these ideas on my blog, but then I know another part of me is 1) too busy and 2) wants to have some surprises for those attending that might read this. I'm sure my fascination with weddings will not end with my own, and I'll share then :)Whew, ramble!

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