Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend plans

Here's my slightly ambitious list to work on this weekend! I could basically just print this thing off. Writing it down keeps me calm :)

Sushi date with another couple
Return Anthro dresses
Finish painting bonus room
Finish bridal shower thank you's
Check out ex-roomie's new rock :) Hear the story :)
Wedding make-up trial #2
Wedding cake tasting
Finish library book, pick up book on hold
Watch movie or Vampire Diaries episodes with fiance
Bike ride
Go over ceremony details, programs, directions, vows
Make a plan to get driver's license taken care of next week
Make a plan to pick up marriage license :)
Pick up cheap garter to fancify
Help Mom narrow down or pick her MOB dress
Drop off HP 1 and shoe clips to my lovely sister
Sun it up, but keep it cool at the pool
Call the church, try to set up meeting for coordinator and speak with organist
Get the sweet gifts received at bridal shower to the townhouse
Pick a downstairs paint color that won't make the new couches look green
Review my 25 before 25 list and make plans to accomplish some!



  1. How'd you do on your list this weekend? It looked busy but fun!

  2. It was kinda weird "forcing" us to do some of the fun things, but it felt really good to just focus on those things and get things done! We did most of it :)