Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I feel special

A little shout out:
My husband loves music. It means so much to me when he shares that with me - he adds "my music" to our itunes, uploads it to devices for me, picks up cds we'd like, etc. This morning I was listening to a cd that he made for me before the wedding. It had several of the songs we wanted included in our reception, including our first dance and runner-up first dance songs, as well as silly songs that I just love for some reason. 
I've been working on painting our downstairs. I think we got to a good stopping point before getting Dash, but yesterday, on his day off, my husband worked on a few areas that needed another roll, and finished the nook that I had been working on. Even though I'm not so sure he likes painting/gets the peaceful feeling I get sometimes. 
Since he's working night shifts this weekend, my husband decided to go ahead and start switching over his sleep time, and stayed up late to take Dash out during the night so I could get the sleep I need. 

I feel loved. Those things are love to me :)

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