Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 months

Today was determined to be a rough morning. My oatmeal overflowed in the microwave, and while cleaning the bowl, I accidentally filled the bowl with water. Bringing Dash downstairs, I spilled coffee all over my jeans and on the floor. While moving cars around to take the trash out, it started pouring. I left my phone. My car was low on gas, and I decided to wait until I was close to work to fill it, which was a little scary. Then traffic was absolutely horrible.

What I want to remember: I almost never have oatmeal, and even watery, it was still a treat. I cleaned up the coffee with a washcloth, and I felt a little like my mom, and that made me feel responsible. Taking the trash out meant my husband didn't have to do it later :) I have my own office with my own phone, and sometimes it's good to unplug from the world. My car made it to work! I love rainy days, and I can see a little out of my manager's window. I got to use my bright umbrella! And, since I worked late yesterday, it works out well for me to leave a little early today, so I can rescue Dash (whose pee I haven't cleaned up for days)! And most of all, it's the 17th, which means it's our two month anniversary :)
Note to my husband: It's been unfortunate that I get a little crabby at late night and well, that's the only time you've been seeing me this week. I'm sorry it makes me a little competitive, paranoid, and future-minded. I'm sorry that you come home to oddly serious conversations instead of playful or light-hearted ones. I know that prevents home from feeling like a safe and warm place. That's going to change soon at least :) Please know that even with my sour face and weird questions that you have the grace to treat with seriousness, you coming home is the best part of my day. I promise to work on making that more evident in my words and actions. I am so so in love with you, I am so happy that 2 short/long months ago, I got to marry you! Love you!

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other in Christ as God forgave you.
-Eph. 4:32 
My brothers, take note of this, be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. 
-James 1:19

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