Friday, November 4, 2011

What if

In the midst of my grief, a wise person told me, “you are only visiting this place.” Sometimes life has us feeling like we are stuck in a bad place forever. In my book I talk a lot about not just my bad place, but how I got out—sometimes I was gently carried by those who loved me, sometimes I was dragged by my collar, and other times I clawed my way out myself. I came to realize that no matter how dark life got, I did not have to stay there forever. Now when I have a hard day, I remind myself that it’s a visit, not a permanent residence.
-Natalie Taylor, widower

Have you ever been in a dark time, or wished the day would be over, or miserable at work and want to go home, or alone in a crowd, or just a complete crossroads? Do you worry or feel like the worst is about to happen? Sometimes I get in a weird future mood where I'm concerned about the way life might be heading. Regardless of whether these concerns are serious or silly, pray about it. Try to accept that the worst just might happen. Then do the things you can to prevent the worst. (Based on our Bible Study :) )

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