Thursday, October 4, 2012


Last night, J and I went out on a fancy date. Fancy = perfume and heels, plus at least J will feel a little out of place.  We got the opportunity to use a gift certificate that was given to my in-laws for our rehearsal night. We went back to Caffe Luna and even sat at the same table that we had sat to preview the restaurant before settling on it for our rehearsal dinner (I think my in-laws had already decided, but I like to think our opinion mattered too). So we ate great food and J made me lose control laughing, and we watched other people make slightly snooty people gestures. It was clear that the manager missed getting the chance to see my father in law, and I look forward to being able to better thank them for letting us go in their place, as well as share a few stories.
In making our reservations, we (I) had decided that we were celebrating 23. 23 weeks of pregnancy, 23 of January was our first date, 23 of September was when my friend just got engaged, 23 of October is my sister and brother in laws anniversary. It can be fun to celebrate the little things. 


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