Thursday, October 25, 2012

Irish man


So the coworker that's kind of in the same role with me is out for gall bladder surgery (we haven't heard from her so hopefully she's okay!!) so work is busy and time consuming, and leaves me pooped in the evenings. Meanwhile, J is amazing as per usual, and provides me food (nourishing, but also a milkshake :) ), and encourages me to take it easy, take a bath, read, or do the puzzle app on the iphone. I love coming home to him, and so appreciate all he manages to get done at home (errands). So, inspired my by hubby:

So what makes a true Irish-man? :
   Humorous, kind-hearted, friendly
   Talkative and always up for a debate
   Insightful and philosophical about life and love (true romantic)
   Lively around groups of
friends or strangers
   Competitive in sport
   Helpful, open, GOOD COMPANY

*sidenote: Please read in a very thankful, grateful tone (no bragging at all since I know nearly all husbands are dream men and perfect for the woman they are with).

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  1. i saw that quote a few weeks ago and sent it to my husband. and it is totally ok to brag about your man, i know my husband likes it because it makes him feel and know he is number 2 in my life, God is number 1