Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awesome things


My mood has been high lately, which I largely credit to hormones and Bible study, but really, life has just been good lately! Especially if you focus on the ups. Here are some awesome things that have been happening:

- Brother and future sister-in-love have picked their wedding venue! 
- My maid of honor, who got engaged recently, has picked Castle Ladyhawke (it looks so beautiful!) as their destination wedding venue, and we can now count down to September 7, 2013
- Having our nursery dresser put together, the curtain up, and the room layout mostly finalized is so exciting. I walk in and just smile. 
- We went to the state fair on Monday night. Although it rained, we really enjoy spending time with the other couple that went with us, we got to see the animals, pumpkins, people watch, and try crazy food. 
- We made a stromboli last night - it went really well, although a little juicy, and the leftovers today were fantastic
- I have a craft night to look forward to, as well as seeing this busy lady, who is between trips right now
- Bible study was great this last week. We talked about freedom from bitterness, only finished half the lesson, and went later than we maybe ever have.
- We got the dogs cut (shaved) last week. Although Sully was mopey for a few days, they've gotten enough growth in that they are really cute this week. And Dash has learned to roll over! (Kudos to J) You just have to tap him on his shoulder to get him to go.  
- Tomorrow we are heading out to spend the weekend with J's family. We're celebrating his mom's birthday, and hopefully just having a lot of down time together.
- Looking forward to having my brother-in-love's mother in town, starting next Thursday. She's a really neat person and she's been trying to make up here for a while. 
- Although work is busy, I feel like I've found a happy place this week. My coworker is getting her gallbladder out next Thursday (Thursday is a good day!), and I'm so thankful it's getting taken care of, I can hardly think about having to "do it all" for a few days. 

Honestly, there's probably more. I'm really trying to enjoy the little things, and be in the moment :) God is good, all the time!

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